Mooney debuts technical publications library

Mooney has introduced a complete Technical Publications Master Library for all M20 through M20TN aircraft.

All of the publications are on a 2 GB Lexar JumpDrive, engraved with the Mooney logo. Each drive contains aircraft model specific technical publications, including Pilot Operating Handbooks, Illustrated Parts Catalogs, Service and Maintenance Manuals.

Service Bulletins, Service Instructions and Special Letters also have been added for some models, according to Mooney officials.

The publications are digitized and contain internal links and cross-references between the various documents. Most manuals are keyword searchable and include the ability to print individual paper pages or a range of pages.

The information is also hyperlinked to the Mooney website for update information. This requires Internet access, company officials note.

JumpDrives are available for M20M — S/N: 27-0001 through 27-0317, 27-0319 through 27-0355; M20R — S/N: 29-0001 through 29-TBA; M20J — S/N: 24-0001 through 24-3431; M20K — S/N: 25-0001 through 25-2032; M20S — S/N: 30-0001 through TBA; M20C, D, E, F, G — Applicable Model S/N Range; M20, M20A and M20B — Applicable Model S/N Range; M20TN — S/N: 31-0001 through 31-TBA; M10 Cadet — Applicable Model S/N Range; All M20 through M20TN — Master Technical Publications Library; and M20L — S/N 26-0001 through TBA.

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