SeaRey flies high


The SeaRey from Progressive Aerodyne is an all-American brand making the move from a kit-only operation to one providing fully-built SLSA and, eventually, ELSA kits.

SeaRey marketing man Darrell Lynds reported a spectacular Oshkosh: “We sold 11 kit SeaRey aircraft (the LSX) and four SLSA versions to be called the SeaRey Sport.”

SeaReyThat represents quite a performance, causing me to inquire what amount of money changed hands to call these orders. “We collected $5,000 toward a kit and $10,000 on a fully-built SLSA,” explained Lynds. I’d call that enough cash per airplane to make for genuine orders.

I spoke with many sellers at Oshkosh who reported “very solid leads,” and “genuinely interested buyers,” but a few complained that, despite these positive comments, they were not seeing the cash.

SeaRey logged one of the best-selling performances among LSA suppliers. The company has been working on LSA approval for several months and that follows years of successful kit selling. More than 500 SeaRey kits are now flying and they’ve generated an intensely loyal following.

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