Book review: Flying Above the Glass Ceiling

Do you know a young woman who has an interest in aviation but doesn’t know where to start?

bookMaybe she doesn’t want to be a pilot. Perhaps she’d rather be an aeronautical engineer, but is concerned about being “the only girl.” You can tell her she is not alone and then prove it by giving her a copy of “Flying Above the Glass Ceiling,” a book by retired professional pilot Nina Anderson.

The title of the book is somewhat misleading. This is not a “how to get to the airlines” book as it contains stories from women in other facets of aviation, such as engineering.

Through the words of women who have “been there,” the reader picks up ideas and strategies for making the most of the aviation experience.

It’s also quite a history book. This is a must read for those who find it hard to believe that once upon a time women were discouraged from working outside the home at all, much less at an airport or in the cockpit. When you read the stories you realize just how far women in aviation have come, and it really makes you thankful for the women who have gone before and paved the way.

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