RANS names S-19 Venterra

Rans 2RANS has officially named its S-19 model the Venterra.

“Sales of the kit have been exciting, and we now have over 100 planes under construction around the world. We should see several flying in the next few months,” said CEO Randy Schlitter, noting the kit has been in production since late 2008.

RANS originally decided not to name the plane, breaking a 26-year tradition, but after many flights into controlled airspace with many ATC requests for the popular name, it was decided to name the plane, company officials said, explaining Venterra is an assembly of the word vent for wind and Terra for the earth, as in wind over the earth. “It is a bit of poetic license, but with 19 designs it has become a challenge to create names that are original,” Schlitter said. “We like the sound of Venterra over the radio. It is easy to say and should satisfy ATC.”

For more information: RANS.com

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