Ethanol & Aircraft – a perspective from 1935

The pros and cons of using ethanol blends in light aircraft may seem like a new issue, but this article that appeared in the June 1935 issue of “Popular Aviation” expresses many of the same concerns shared by your bloggers.

While we are not categorically in opposition to ethanol’s use as an aviation fuel, its presence in fuels today removes an option that could power 80% of the current fleet of piston-engine aircraft.

The GAfuels Blog is written by three private pilots concerned about the future availability of fuels for piston-engine aircraft. They are:

  • Dean Billing (Sisters, Ore.) – an expert on autogas and ethanol
  • Kent Misegades (Cary, N.C.) – an aerospace engineer and aviation journalist
  • Todd Petersen (Minden, Neb.) – former aerial applicator and owner of more than 150 Mogas STCs for aircraft

For a list of airports that have ethanol-free fuel and those no longer pumping it, compiled by the authors, follow this link.

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