Triple Play for FK


fk9elaLSA are nothing if not diverse. We have all manner of aircraft on our list of 104 approved models. Germany’s FK Lightplanes illustrates diversity through its trio of models: The high-wing Fk9 series (pictured above); biplane Fk-12 (pictured below); and low-wing Fk14.

In May, the newest iteration of the Fk9 series was flown by designer Peter Funk. The Fk9 ELA (a reference to European Light Aircraft, a new class EASA is planning) is a stretched, roomier model of the popular series. The changes should play well in the American market.

In addition, the newest model boasts a larger cabin, a larger panel with room for big screens, more baggage area, electric flaps, and optional longer-range fuel tanks. The versatile Fk9 ELA is also available on straight or amphibious floats or in taildragger gear. Another feature-laden model is the Fk12 Comet with its swept biplane wings that also fold. You can have Fk12 with a full bubble canopy enclosure, or two open cockpits with windscreens, or a front, covered cockpit and aft windscreen only.

Fk12CometThough still under contract with Cirrus for the low-wing model, Fk14 Polaris is sold in Europe with a choice of tri-gear or taildragger.

Fk Lightplanes has also experimented with powerplants, including an engine from Mercedes.

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