Collings Foundation seeks FAA exemption to add to its historical fleet


TP-51C-1Years ago, B-17s, B-25s, B-24s and P-51 Mustangs (pictured) existed in abundance. Today just a handful of these warbirds remain airworthy — and very few offer rides to the public. The Collings Foundation, a private group out of Stow, Mass., is one of the few organizations that provides these historical aviation experiences but, according to Collings Foundation President Rob Collings, attempts to add more aircraft to the foundation’s fleet is proving to be a difficult process because of waivers that must be obtained from the FAA.

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Preparing for the end of 100LL

Here’s the bottom line: 100LL is going away.

“Don’t fool yourself,” warned Alan Klapmeier, co-founder of Cirrus Aircraft. “The industry hoped 100LL would survive, but it is going away.”

What does that mean for you?

That’s what the industry and federal agencies are trying to figure out now.

The demise of 100LL was a hot topic at this year’s AOPA Aviation Summit. It was discussed during the opening general session, as well as in several forums throughout the show. While a lot of uncertainty exists about the future of aviation fuel, one thing is certain: A change is coming.

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Cessna chief: Realistic environmental solutions needed or GA may be stifled

Jack Pelton
Jack Pelton

Jack Pelton

The natural growth of the world’s general aviation industry may be stifled if industry and government fail to collaborate on environmental innovation, or arrive at  solutions that ignore the global interoperability of the world’s transportation systems, according to Cessna Aircraft Company Chairman, President and CEO Jack Pelton.

Pelton made his remarks at Les Respirations annual international environmental congress held this year in Enghien-les-Bains just outside Paris. The event brings together speakers, scientists, doctors and government leaders to discuss air and water quality issues with topics including climate change, renewable energy, emissions trading and more.

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Solar Impulse ready to soar


Reader Cody Jordan sent us an e-mail about the Solar Impulse project — a solar-powered jet that its designers hope will circumnavigate the globe in 2012.

The story at, notes the Solar Impulse is captained by Bertrand Piccard — a real person, for all you Star Trek fans — and has “the wingspan of an Airbus and the weight of a car.”

Check it out for yourself here.

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Do you really want another sweater?


Pilots can take charge of their own Christmas experience by directing friends and family to Sporty’s Gift Guide. Sporty’s has made it easy for non-pilot loved ones to select a gift for the pilot in their life with its list of gifts appropriate for all kinds of pilots.

“Your loved one doesn’t have to know an ATP from an AIM to pick something you’re going to like,” said Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “We’ve made suggestions for three kinds of pilots: student, private and advanced. That’s all they’ll have to figure out. Then we’ve made further suggestions for aircraft owners and then for someone who is simply an enthusiast.”

Budgets are taken into consideration as well, as Sporty’s has divided selections by budget. Gift selections start at $30 and increase up to the “over $500” category.

Sporty’s Gift Guide can be found here. Merchandise ordered by Wednesday, Dec. 23, can be delivered in time for Christmas, Sporty’s officials add.

‘Flight of the Red Tail’ released to DVD


4Filmmaker Adam White is releasing “Flight of the Red Tail,” a companion piece that follows three years after release of “Red Tail Reborn.” The 12-minute film chronicles the events of the Red Tail Project, including the fatal crash of pilot and project leader Don Hinz in 2004, the five-year restoration journey to flightworthy status, and the captivating stories surrounding its return to the sky in 2009.

“Flight of the Red Tail had to be made, as the story of sacrifice didn’t end when Red Tail Reborn was finished filming, it just began,” said White. “The film serves as both a strong piece on its own and also as a companion piece to Red Tail Reborn which gives the full history on The Red Tail P-51C Mustang Tuskegee Airmen, the namesake of the famed Alabama trained World War II veterans.”

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Wicks now offers CamGuard

CamGuard 2

CamGuard 2Wicks Aircraft Supply has added CamGuard lubricant to its growing list of products. CamGuard is an additive liquid formulated to address the problems of corrosion, wear, deposits and seal degradation in piston engines. It can be used with all oils, including mineral based, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic types. The product is especially useful for infrequently used engines, company officials said.

CamGuard inhibits rusting and resultant pitting, which can increase wear rates on critical components like camshafts, lobes, tappet surfaces and cylinder walls. It also cuts down on the buildup of carbonaceous materials caused by oxidized fuel and other lube products. CamGuard contains 11 special ingredients that are multifunctional.

CamGuard is available in one quart containers for $25.45, plus shipping.

For more information: or 800-221-9425.