Free transient parking at BFI

Pilots at King County International Airport/Boeing Field (BFI) south of Seattle have been known to comment that they can get just about anything they need at the airport, except a free place to park while they pick that item up.

That’s changed now that the county has altered its fees.

“The first hour is free, hours two through 12 will cost $5, and subsequent 12-hour periods will cost an additional $5,” said Leslie Barstow, a spokeswoman for the airport.

The free first hour is appreciated by pilots who had quick business at the airport, such as picking up pilot supplies from the Aviator’s Store. In the past, pilots had to park at FBOs and were often charged $25 or more to park for an hour. Although the FBOs would sometimes waive the charge if the pilot refueled, the parking fee was inconvenient for many and made pilots rethink their use of BFI.

Itinerant parking is at the south end of the Terminal/Arrivals building or Gate 5A and prior permission is required.

“For security reasons, operations personnel will escort the pilot and passengers to and from the aircraft as the building and perimeter fence are access controlled,” Barstow said, who warned that space for parking is limited.

To make parking arrangements, call Airport Operations at 206-296-7334.

For itinerant parking at the Museum of Flight, call 206-764-5710.

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