Air show pilot Keoki Gray releases collection of short stories

Keoki Gray, pilot and author, has released “Songs of the Archaeopteryx,” stories of aerial adventure and the interesting people drawn to small airplanes, flight training, and aerobatics. The tales are based on Gray’s 30-plus years’ aviating throughout North America.

Gray has flown as a glider towplane pilot and flight instructor. He barnstormed as a member of three different air show teams in the 1980s and 1990s. Since receiving his pilot’s license in 1978, he has flown more than 100 types of aircraft from sailplanes and helicopters to Warbirds and unlimited aerobatic planes and has logged more than 11,000 hours flying time.

“I’ve tried to include stories that will not only connect with pilots,” Gray says, “but with armchair pilots, or those who just like airplanes. While the focus is on the characters,” he continues, “there are technical details, too, that are as correct as I can manage. I want people to share in the wonder of flying as I have.”

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