Audio panel for experimentals debuts

PMA5000EXPS Engineering has introduced the PMA5000EX audio panel for experimentals. Not having to go through the expense of certification helps reduce cost, as does removing the marker beacon receiver and speaker amplifier, according to company officials, who note it will sell for $995.

The PMA5000EX has a four-place hi-fi stereo intercom that uses PS Engineering’s IntelliVox squelch protocol. This proprietary system uses computational power to differentiate instantly between cabin noise and human speech, allowing seamless conversation among the crew and passengers without any adjustments. Since 1997, there have been more than 60,000 IntelliVox systems installed in various aircraft, ranging from J-3 Cubs to the P-51, according to company officials.

The PMA5000EX supports two VHF COMs, two switched navigation receivers, and has two switched Auxiliary (AUX) receiver inputs for any other audio sources where switch control is desired. One feature of the AUX inputs is the ability to automatically mute the audio for 60 seconds. This is useful in cases where the audio is an alert that has been recognized, but becomes annoying. After 60 seconds, the audio is automatically restored. Pilots have asked for ways to temporarily disable audio alarms, company officials said.

The PMA5000EX offers a front panel utility jack that accepts most cellular phones, music inputs, and audio advisory inputs from portable devices. Volume of the music input is controlled through front panel buttons. In addition to the switched inputs, the new audio panel also has four unswitched inputs for the priority alert audio sources such as engine analyzers, traffic and terrain monitors that are becoming common in experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. Another capability is the Monitor (MON) mode. This feature will automatically mute the audio from the Com receiver that is not selected for transmit, when the selected radio audio is active. In this way, the pilot may listen to AWOS on COM 2, but prevents the AWOS audio from interfering from the primary Com audio, which is typically ATC.

The PMA5000EX provides four different mute modes. By pressing the Mute button, the pilot can select Mute On, Mute Off, Intercom Mute, and Radio Mute. The Telephone function will put the pilot, crew, or everybody in the aircraft on the phone. This mode is selectable from the front panel.

The PMA5000EX is not intended for installation in certified aircraft, and is not FAA-approved. It will be available in February.

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