Flight Design adds four schools to its roster


Flight Design USA has added four new flight schools to its roster of Flight Design Pilot Centers (FDPC). Flight Design now boasts a network of 21 pilot centers using Flight Design Light Sport Aircraft.

The new schools are: Iowa Air in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, operated by Tim Busch; Paragon Flight Training in Fort Myers, Florida, operated by Jeffrey Wolf; Ocala Aviation in Ocala, Florida, operated by Alan Buskirk; and Acadiana Flight Center at Acadiana Regional Airport (ARA) in New Iberia, Louisiana, operated by Robert Viator.

Flight Design USA is the U.S. importer of the CT series from Germany. The Flight Design CTLS is an all-carbon-fiber LSA with an 850 nm range at 115 knots. A glass panel, Garmin radio stack and BRS airframe parachute are standard equipment.

For more information: 612-759-2252 or FlightDesignUSA.com.

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