DC-3 photo book celebrates 75th anniversary

DC3In his seventh aviation history book, “DC-3: A Legend In Her Time,” Bruce McAllister brings together a collection of photographs of the DC-3.

The book’s release date of April 1 is timed to the aircraft’s 75th anniversary. Hundreds of DC-3s are still in service today, almost 75 years after the first one rolled off the production line in 1935.

With 17 chapters covering many of the civilian and military operations in which the DC-3 has participated, McAllister has gathered some 250 photographs from around the world. A rich history surrounds the DC-3. In the 1930s, the DC-3 — as the aircraft of choice for the world’s major air carriers — helped spur the tremendous growth in airline travel. In World War II, General Dwight D. Eisenhower identified the DC-3/C-47 as one of the keys to the Allies’ victory. The aircraft even served as a potent gunship in the Vietnam conflict.

Price: $ 49.95. Published by Roundup Press, P.O. Box 109, Boulder, Colo., 80306-0109. Distributed by Independent Publishers Group, Chicago. Pre-Orders available at Amazon.com (keyword: DC-3)

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