Duncan Aviation releases whitepaper on WAAS/LPV

Duncan Aviation recently released a whitepaper that addresses common questions and misperceptions about Wide Area Augmentation Systems (WAAS) Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) upgrades.

Titled “Upgrading to WAAS: Answers From Industry Experts,” the whitepaper is written by avionics installation representatives at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln and Battle Creek facilities as a resource for operators considering a WAAS upgrade.

“WAAS is relatively new and there’s a lot of confusion about unit compatibility, certification processes, and cost,” says Steve Elofson, Avionics Installation Manager at Duncan Aviation-Lincoln. “My team wrote this whitepaper to help operators become familiar with the issues involved in an upgrade and make more informed decisions when they begin researching their options.”

WAAS/LPV is an extremely accurate navigation system developed for civil aviation by the FAA. The system improves the accuracy of Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation for all phases of flight, including en route navigation, departures and arrivals. The FAA has been cancelling redundant instrument ground-based approaches for several years, shifting its focus toward developing more satellite-based approaches with ground references.

Duncan Aviation’s free whitepaper is available for download here.

For more information: 402-479-1603 or DuncanAviation.aero.

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