As Sebring goes, so goes Sun ‘n Fun?


Expect the PiperSport LSA to take center stage at Piper's Sun 'n Fun exhibit.

Expect the PiperSport LSA to take center stage at Piper's Sun 'n Fun exhibit.

With the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo now history — but hoping to build on the strong beginning of the LSA-only event — preparations are underway for Sun ‘n Fun 2010, running April 13-18.

Sebring, in January, has become the first airshow of the year and when it goes well, some feel the rest of the season can follow. Certainly as Sun ‘n Fun is often considered the start of the “season” (of sport flying, presumably), the two events are ever-more linked. So, at least you might say, if Sebring goes well, so may Sun ‘n Fun. We certainly hope so, as this new year simply must be better than 2009 if our small aviation businesses are to recover from the slump all of aviation has endured.

Once again, Sun ‘n Fun will offer an LSA Mall right near the main entrance. The industry showcase of the top 20 LSA models will now be in the Southeast Display area, a slightly different location from the last three years. The good folks at Sun ‘n Fun offered the new spot at the corners of Doolittle and Sun ‘n Fun roads. Meanwhile, the show organizers will move to the former LSA Mall area. This is a smart location as the Sun ‘n Fun team can then be the first to greet visitors to the big event.

The build up for Sun ‘n Fun continues to revolve around the entry of legacy brand Piper Aircraft, which will again show its brand-new PiperSport, no doubt right alongside its still-in-development PiperJet. The two make an interesting contrast and show the range of the brand from a $119,900 LSA entry to a $2 million cabin-class single-engine Very Light Jet. Piper is enjoying its time in the limelight, while Cessna announced six to 10 months of delay before the SkyCatcher LSA enters full production.

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