‘Navy Wings of Gold’ published

Navy Lieutenant Willard ‘Robbie’ Robinson recounts first-hand experiences and stories of true love, ferocious combat, and survival in his new book, “Navy Wings of Gold.”

9781426924491_COVER.inddRobinson offers readers personal, untold stories of infamous World War II battles and encounters, including President George H. W. Bush’s miraculous survival story. As a test pilot for Cal Tech, Robbins fired the first air-to-ground missiles in naval flight in Inyokern, California, history. Later, his torpedo squadron’s attack on Kwajalein was reported to have resulted in the largest explosion of World War II outside of the two atom bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nakasaki.

“During World War II, men and women, embarking on their foundation of traditional values, went out to meet the enemy imbued with patriotism and courage,” reflected Robinson. “Along with the pain, suffering, and loss, soldiers and their families maintained an element of adventure, purpose and pride. It is my hope that these memories will inspire a new generations of war hero’s and heroines — including the children, wives and husbands who stay strong at home.”

Topics Robinson discusses in his book include:

  • The only thing that prevented George H. W. Bush from being captured, executed, and cannibalized
  • Never-before-revealed personal accounts of heroic aviators during World War II
  • The values and commitment of the World War II generation, still underappreciated by subsequent generations
  • Why young people — now more than ever — need to truly understand the issue of personal sacrifice and love of country
  • A war-widow’s reflections of anger, loss, and reinvention
  • The original hit on the largest battleship ever built, The Musachi
  • The earliest night attack squadrons, equipped with radar, rockets or bombs
  • The early history of air-to-ground rocket development for Navy bombers is also documented

Following his military service as a Naval Aviator in World War II, Robinson returned to the University of Southern California to earn his doctoral degree in Educational Administration and Philosophy. For three decades, he worked in public education as a teacher and as a secondary-school administrator, culminating in his 15-year tenure as principal of Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California. Robinson is the author of the book, “Beverly Hills Principal,” published in 1999.

For more information: NavyWingsOfGold.com

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