Let’s go flying with Dynon’s SkyView

Talk about your “Wow! factor” — Paul Hamilton’s new video for Dynon Avionics really shows off the amazing capability of the company’s SkyView avionics system featuring synthetic vision. On his video, Paul takes you along for a flight during bright daylight (proving the screens are readable in direct light) and into the dimming sun over mountainous terrain. The video lets you see the real image out the windscreen and compare that to how SkyView synthesizes it. After viewing the system in flight, all I needed to say was, “Impressive!” Dynon’s SkyView setup costs about $5,500 for a single 10-inch screen, though this price is a small fraction of the cost of a Type Certificated system.

Flight Design USA president Tom Peghiny admitted, “I was skeptical about SkyView until Dynon made a presentation at our distributor-dealer meeting Monday after the Sebring Expo. Later I flew the SkyView-equipped CTLS and I was really impressed. I thought it kind of looked like a video game on the ground, but in the air the situational awareness is remarkable.” He added that a lower time pilot in worsening weather could find his way to safety much easier with SkyView installed, though he admits the buyer will need a somewhat thicker wallet to pay for the handsome hardware. That’s a strong endorsement from a man known for speaking honestly.

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