Breezer II, Part II, Act I


It didn’t work out the first time. Breezer I wasn’t quite mature for the burgeoning Light Sport Aircraft market. The import structure was unwieldy, adding cost and distancing the customer from the source. As Breezer Aircraft took over manufacturing of the all-metal LSA, Breezer II arrived in 2008, joining new leadership in Europe with fresh representation in the USA.

Central Florida light aircraft guru Mike Zidziunas — known as “Mike Z” — is the point man for Breezer Aircraft USA. And he’s handling things differently from most LSA sellers. His plan is more like that used successfully by Cirrus. The source of the airplanes handles the whole country using representatives in various areas as touch points.

“I feel that the conventional dealer network is ponderous and it’s difficult to control the quality of service,” he said. “To address service after the sale, when we deliver the airplane we offer as part of the purchase a five-hour FITS-style pilot training program. Insurance companies love this. But we also train the customer’s maintenance person at their home airport.”

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