X-Air now selling factory direct


X-Air is now selling its Light Sport Aircraft directly from the factory. The company is offering demo flights, flight training, sales and service at its headquarters in Bend, Oregon.

The company also is planning to establish a number of flight centers around the United States. “We have been selling aircraft through Sportsplanes.com,” said Matt Verdieck, general manager, “and while we plan to continue that relationship, we are going to expand the number and types of outlets for selling and servicing the X-Air. Ultimately, we hope to see the aircraft on the ramps of numerous flight training operations.”

The X-Air is a two-place, high-wing tube and fabric aircraft that utilizes Jabiru power. It holds its position as the only LSA in production that is being offered with a base price below $60,000, according to company officials.

For more information: X-AirLSA.com or 541-388-5337.

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