NTSB issues recommendations on PFDs

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a recommendation that the FAA revise airman knowledge tests to include questions regarding electronic flight and navigation displays, including normal operations, limitations, and the interpretation of malfunctions and aircraft attitudes.

The NTSB also recommends that all manufacturers of certified electronic primary flight displays be required to include information in their approved aircraft flight manual and pilot’s operating handbook supplements regarding abnormal equipment operation or malfunction due to subsystem and input malfunctions, including pitot and/or static system blockages, magnetic sensor malfunctions, and attitude-heading reference system alignment failures.

Other recently released recommendations include:

  • Incorporating training elements regarding electronic primary flight displays into training materials and aeronautical knowledge requirements for all pilots;
  • Incorporating training elements regarding electronic primary flight displays into initial and recurrent flight proficiency requirements for pilots of certified aircraft equipped with those systems that address variations in equipment design and operations of such displays;
  • Developing and publishing guidance for the use of electronic avionics display simulators and procedural trainers that do not meet the definition of flight simulation training devices in the Code of Federal Regulations Part 60; and
  • Informing aircraft and avionics maintenance technicians about the critical role of voluntary service difficulty reporting system reports involving malfunctions or defects associated with electronic primary flight, navigation, and control systems used in general aviation operations.

For more information: NTSB.gov

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