Stewart Systems classes come to you

JasonCan’t make it to Stewart System’s location at Cashmere-Dryden Airport (8S2) in Cashmere, Wash.? That’s OK, because instructor Jason Gerard is ready to travel.

Gerard, who has been using Stewart Systems for several years now and does all of the company’s class instruction, will take the class anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. “All he needs to schedule a class is enough students and a sponsor that can provide a hangar and spray booth,” company officials said.

Stewart Systems training classes are hands on. Each participant will cover a false part from start to glue through painting. Students learn gluing techniques, rib stitching, how to make patches, how to work around corners, and how to apply EkoFill and EkoPoly top coat.

For more information: 206-930-2332 or

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