Sporty’s course update impressive

I just watched the Advanced IFR DVD from the Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course. The quality of the video and interactivity made me wish this series had been around, in this format, when I was in flight training back in the, gulp, late 1980s. This isn’t a typical “ground school” video. Its use of high-end graphics and superb video make for a visually appealing viewing session. The chapter on the inner workings of the engine were truly compelling and made it, dare I say, more understandable than looking at a black and white schematic from a book. Sporty’s quality work aside, if you sit back and look at all that this one DVD contained, it is truly amazing how complex learning to fly IMC well is. That little tangent editorial aside, if you are thinking of upgrading your ticket with an instrument rating, or would like to brush up on your skills the Instrument Rating Course (watch preview) from Sporty’s ($265) is a good way to go.

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