8,200+ miles in an LSA

A view of South Central Kansas from 7,000 feet

Michael Combs, who is flying around the country in a Light Sport Aircraft, recently returned to Kansas one final time after landing safely in Wichita, only 80 miles from where his journey began on April 8. The Flight for the Human Spirit has covered 30 states and has now exceeded nearly 8,300 miles flown in a Remos GX. The flight is designed to inspire people to reach for their dreams, according to Combs, who reports that he’s now at the half-way mark.

Combs took off from Centennial Airport in the Denver Metro area at 8:30 MDT accompanied by his son Stephen who also doubles as a member of his Mission Control Team. The pair flew into Colorado Springs which completed the last of the high altitude airports on this side of the Continental Divide before heading east to land in Dodge City, Kan., and ending the day in Wichita.

“We had a great day of flight,” said Combs from Signature Flight Service at the Mid-Continent Airport. “The wind was blowing pretty good in Dodge City, but then again…western Kansas is known for constant winds. The takeoff there was tricky as the wind shifted just after takeoff, but Hope One climbed quickly and we found smooth air above 7,000.”

Combs will be joined by his wife Michele for the next two flight days, which will cover Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, and Georgia. He will return to the east coast on Flight Day #18, and then head on a southward trek toward the half-way point of his trip, which should end in roughly six weeks. Currently they are waiting for the winds to die down in Kansas and Oklahoma, which have been gusting in excess of 43 mph.

“Initially we had a four day delay of the takeoff due to winds in April,” commented Combs. “I don’t mind this delay too much though as I need the time to review the upcoming flight routes and it also gives me the opportunity to get caught up on my documentation of the flight. There are a lot of fans waiting to participate in aviation history, so I want to make sure that I’m flying as good as I can possibly fly, and I can use these extra two days wisely.”

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