GAFuels authors launch Fly Unleaded

In their continued efforts to provide pilots with affordable, safe, approved alternatives to 100LL now, the GAFuels bloggers have launched FLY UNLEADED. This new website consolidates information concerning 100LL, efforts to find an unleaded replacement for 100LL, and Mogas.

For 70%-80% of all piston-engine aircraft in the U.S., and for virtually 100% o fthe new LSA fleet, unleaded, ethanol-free premium (91 octane) gasoline (Mogas) is the best, most affordable fuel available today. FLY UNLEADED documents where you can find the fuel and what actions are recommended to add additional Mogas fuel pumps at your local airport. As an added bonus, FLY UNLEADED includes a store offering items you can purchase to show your concern to “get the lead out” and to use Mogas to lower the cost of flying.

For a listing of gasoline stations across the country providing ethanol-free Mogas, see PURE-GAS. If you know of other stations not on this list, it is simple to add them.

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