PURE-GAS lists ethanol-free Mogas suppliers

PURE-GAS is a new effort to inform motorists of suppliers of ethanol-free gasoline across the U.S. and Canada. If you know of stations carrying E0 that do not appear on this list, it is simple to add to it. The listing currently has more than 1,000 stations carrying E0 in one or more grades. These stations are often near or on marinas as boaters, like aviators, generally may not use fuels containing ethanol.

About 70%-80% of the fleet of piston engine aircraft may legally and safely operate on unleaded, ethanol-free 91 octane (premium) gasoline. Virtually all of the new LSA fleet uses engines (Rotax, Jabiru) that have been designed to be run on 91 octane gasoline, not 100LL.  The majority of legacy GA piston aircraft may also burn Mogas under STCs from Petersen Aviation or the EAA. These STCs cost little and involve only paperwork; they require no expensive modifications to the engine or powerplant. If you are interested in adding a Mogas pump to your local airfield, contact the bloggers through their new website FLY UNLEADED.

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