Ethanol-free premium mogas at KwikTrips

Thanks to Sam Hokin, creator of the new PURE-GAS listing of gas stations carrying ethanol-free gasolines, your bloggers are pleased to report that hundreds of KwikTrip gas stations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa now sell premium, ethanol-free gasoline. Marketed as recreational gasoline, this 91 octane fuel is ideal for all aircraft with Mogas STCs and all Rotax and Jabiru powered aircraft.

Pilots are always advised to check any gasoline for ethanol using a simple tester described by Petersen Aviation. According to KwikTrip officials, the recreational gasoline is in strong demand from owners of boats, ATVs, snowmobiles and others who need ethanol-free gasoline. They intend to offer this fuel indefinitely.

If your airport is located in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota or Iowa, we suggest you contact the nearest KwikTrip to learn who supplies their fuel, then contact them for possible deliveries of Mogas to your airport.  We wish KwikTrip great success with its recreational gasoline, and hope that this encourages others to follow their lead.

The GAfuels Blog is written by three private pilots concerned about the future availability of fuels for piston-engine aircraft. They are:

  • Dean Billing (Sisters, Ore.) – an expert on autogas and ethanol
  • Kent Misegades (Cary, N.C.) – an aerospace engineer and aviation journalist
  • Todd Petersen (Minden, Neb.) – former aerial applicator and owner of more than 150 Mogas STCs for aircraft

For a list of airports that have ethanol-free fuel and those no longer pumping it, compiled by the authors, follow this link.

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