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Please do not allow California’s Oceano Airport (L52) to be wiped off the map (Pilots continue fight to keep Oceano Airport open).

For years it has been a famous fly-in spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner near the beach, which is within walking distance. My first time to Oceano was flying in an Apache for brunch. I have been to several picnics with friends and their families at the park, which is almost across the street from the airport. The park is nicely kept and has a small pond where children play with their toy boats and do a little fishing. I even have gone to the sand dunes at Pismo Beach to ride on the four-wheelers. In fact, every time I have been to the Oceano I flew into the airport.

I understand now the airport is able to offer fuel at a self-service depot. Maybe if the airport advertised its amenities, it could be proven as an enhancement to the beach community.

Pilots love the challenge of this small airport, plus the rural surroundings that come with an uncontrolled field. The airport offers pilots the delights of a relaxed atmosphere along with the small beach community. The other airports within the area are not that close to the ocean as Oceano, so pilots would have to rent a car or find some other means to get to the beach community.

More and more airports have been disappearing from California and we can’t let this continue.

MARY TROUP, via e-mail

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