A History of Wings above the Waves

“The Chicago Air & Water Show: A History of Wings above the Waves” has just been published by The History Press.

Written by Gerry and Janet Souter, the book documents the Chicago Air and Water Show, which draws over 3 million people to the lakeshore for a weekend of beach leisure and high-powered entertainment. The authors climb into the cockpit (and occasionally lean precariously out of it) to log the extravaganza’s history. Even before the event became an annual tradition half a century ago, visitors to the lakeshore had been treated to sights like the 1911 International Aviation Meet, attended by the Wright brothers and their daring competitors; World War II training maneuvers executed by pilots that included future President George H. W. Bush; and an elevation to world seaport status graced by a visit from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on the royal yacht Britannia. The book gives an insider’s look at the world of careening boats and roaring aircraft.

Gerry and Janet Souter have lived in the Chicago area nearly all their lives. Gerry’s background includes over 30 years’ involvement with aviation — he has flown in balloons, jet fighters, and antique biplanes and has written about Canadian bush pilots, Arizona crop-dusters, and the Gulf of Mexico helicopter fleets. Janet Souter, president of their company, Avril 1 Group, Inc., shares Gerry’s interest in history. Janet has joined him in balloon, helicopter, and light aircraft flights. They are authors of more than 40 books, including histories, biographies, and young adult nonfiction.

For more information: HistoryPress.net

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