iFlyWhere debuts


iFlyWhere, from AeroCharts, is a free app (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) that allows users to map all available airports in any radius from any airport. The user inputs the home airport identifier along with the minimum and maximum distance radius desired and iFlyWhere drops a pin on every airport. Airports may be selected to zoom in for the distance from the home airport or for a closer look. A touch delivers the FAA Airport/Facility Directory data or the user may surf to favorite web resources for airport info. While iFlyWhere is a Universal App optimized for both the iPad’s large display and for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Settings options allow the user to select:

  • runway length
  • paved or turf airports
  • public or private airports
  • land or sea airports
  • map or satellite hybrid views

iFlyWhere graphics may be re-sized with normal touch commands. The app is available on iTunes and is supported by the Apple iAds advertising network. The developers offer support on its website at www.AeroCharts.com/a/iFlyWhere.

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