LSAs and immersion training

Learning to fly a powered parachute can be challenging. Weather needs to be nearly perfect. Some folks have been discouraged, especially if they travel a long way only to be frustrated by Mother Nature. Easy Flight has the answer: Immersion Training.

The Greenville, Illinois-based company has August and October sessions of its concentrated 12-Day Sport Pilot training camp. Owner Roy Beisswenger created the multi-day sport pilot training course in 2007. The key has been bringing in CFIs to provide a one-to-one student-to-flight instructor ratio. And a modular lesson plan allows flexibility in the daily schedule. “That means when it’s time to fly, everybody flies,” explained Roy. Everything needed to become a sport pilot in 12 days is provided, including accommodations at a local motel, all part of a package deal. To learn more, call 618-664-9706 or

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