Flying Car frenzy

Call them flying cars, flying motorcycles, flying dune buggies, or roadable aircraft. Regardless of the correct term, a growing wave of these car-to-airplane machines are in various stages of development.

One of the newest entries is a kit with the lowest projected price among the group; all others are fully built and carry larger price tags. The newest is the Caravellair, a three-wheel motorcycle adaptation (pictured, left). The kit is expected to sell for about $50,000, but the company needs further investment to finish development and get to market.

The better-funded Terrafugia effort is leading the sector and recently basked in the warmth of media spotlights after winning a weight exemption from the FAA. Its PR success may be boosting the fortunes of the others.

Terrafugia Transition

Maverick Flying Car LSA


Another four-wheeler is the Maverick, a cool dune-buggie-esque configuration that looks like a hoot to drive on the ground; it is reportedly on the verge of winning SLSA approval and is likely to be the first of these projects to win an airworthiness certificate.

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