What a trip it’s been


In reading your article, “A trip back in time,” my mind went back to 1960 when I traded for a 1939 Taylorcraft. I had only been up in a small airplane a couple of times. The T-craft was a little airport bum and little did I know of the maintenance problems I had traded for. In an effort to get the annual signed off, I found out. [Read more…]

What’s Wonder Bread got to do with GA?

AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli posits a new theory about the stagnating GA industry: He says blame Wonder Bread. In his blog, which you can read in full here, he states:

“As long as diverging income inequality continues, as long as the better paid wage earners find their pay to be stagnant or declining, flying is going to be out of reach except for the most resourceful and determined.”

A plane that lands like a bird


Everyone knows what it’s like for an airplane to land: The slow maneuvering into an approach pattern, the long descent, and the brakes slamming on as soon as the plane touches down, which seems to just barely bring it to a rest a mile later. Birds, however, can switch from barreling forward at full speed to lightly touching down on a target as narrow as a telephone wire. Why can’t an airplane be more like a bird, asked MIT researchers, who have demonstrated a new control system that allows a foam glider with only a single motor on its tail to land on a perch, just like a pet parakeet.

[Read more…]

Planes on Poles… really!

From the press release, “Don’t roll your eyes when you hear I have yet another app. This one is so stupid you have to love it!” Okay, maybe that part is from the pre-roll to the release, but AircraftMerchants president and nascent iPhone/iPad app-creator Todd Huvard has done it again. This time with Planes on Poles. Think plane-spotting without the noise and motion. Planes on Poles is an “app for uploading and sharing photos of Planes on Poles with other rigid airframe aficionados”. Below are screenshots from the app on my iPad. When loaded on an iPhone, the app allows a user to easily upload images to the Planes on Poles map for others to see and enjoy. The app is free from the App Store. [Read more…]

FAR/AIM 2011 released

Don’t get caught in the air with an out-of-date edition of FAR/AIM, the complete aeronautical information manual from the Federal Aviation Administration. FAR/AIM 2011, with nearly 1,000 pages of current FAA data and dozens of instructional illustrations, is now available.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Updated federal aviation regulations
  • Rules and procedures for general aviation and sports pilots
  • Precise information for specific pilot training certifications and ratings
  • Study guide for training certifications
  • Definitions and abbreviations for all aeronautical terms
  • Restrictions on moored balloons, kites, amateur rockets, and unmanned free balloons
  • Aircraft registration guidelines
  • A pilot/controller glossary
  • The NASA Aviation Safety reporting form
  • FAA contact information
  • And answers to every other aviation and piloting question

Price: $15.95.

For more information: 212-643-6816 or SkyhorsePublishing.com