Pure-Gas.org listings increase 33% in two months

The GAfuels Blog is written by two private pilots concerned about the future availability of fuels for piston-engine aircraft: Dean Billing, Sisters, Ore., an expert on autogas and ethanol, and Kent Misegades, Cary, N.C., an aerospace engineer and aviation journalist.

First reported in this blog in July, Sam Hokin’s Pure-Gas.org listing of gas stations and marinas that sell ethanol-free gasoline continues to grow at a fast rate.

Since mentioned in our forum, Fuels for Sport Aviation, at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this summer, the number of listings has seen a net increase from 1,262 to 1,678, a 33% rise. Ethanol-free fuel is not only in demand by aviators who have discovered the fuel cost and maintenance advantages of using Mogas; owners of boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, classic cars, motorcycles and farm vehicles, power tools and emergency power generators also prefer their gas “pure.”

The GAFUELS bloggers encourage our readers to log any sources of ethanol-free fuel at Pure-Gas.org and be sure to thank the station personnel for providing you with the best fuel for your aircraft.

For a list of airports that have ethanol-free fuel and those no longer pumping it, compiled by the authors, follow this link.

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