Tecnam P2006T achieves full FAA certification

The FAA has issued a type certificate for the Tecnam P2006T Next-Generation twin.

“We see the Tecnam P2006T Next-Generation twin as a real game changer,’’ said Phil Solomon, CEO of Tecnam North America. “With eight dealers in place throughout the USA and other applications in process, the achievement of full FAA certification allows us to deliver a twin airplane for the price of a high performance single. Next stop, Canadian certification.’’

Italy-based Tecnam has already delivered more than 50 P2006Ts in other parts of the world and is ramping up production to meet expected demand. “We are now delivering a Tecnam P2006T every five days,” said Paolo Pascale, Tecnam’s Managing Director.

For more information: Tecnam.net


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    Great news! The first twin engine aircraft approved, a Next Generation twin, for which the recommended fuel for this aircraft can only be found on a handful of airports and will completely disappear next year, thus doubling the recurring maintenance costs and increasing the fuel costs to operate.

    Why isn’t the other approved avgas on our airports, premium unleaded mogas?

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