Newest LSA: DirectFly Alto

Corbi Air, Inc. of Ohio and DirectFly s.r.o of the Czech Republic have received ASTM conformance verification of the DirectFly Alto Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA).

Alto enters the LSA market as a purpose-built LSA, tailored at the factory for flight training, according to company officials. Standard equipment includes a Mode S transponder, internal corrosion protection, electric pitch and aileron trim, nosewheel steering, Teflon coated aviation grade wiring, Vertical Power’s electrical distribution system, and the U.S.-made Sensenich composite propeller with its stainless steel leading edge. Another feature is the Beringer wheel and brake assemblies with ALIR anti-skid system.

Corbi Air Alto LSA

Where other manufactures use separate oil coolers, Corbi Air has included as standard equipment a laminar flow oil to water heat exchanger proven in Europe on the “Glider Tow” version of the Alto. This warms the engine oil to the proper operating temperature more quickly for the day’s first flight, or on those cold winter days and it also provides superior cooling on hot summer days, according to company officials.

Corbi Air Alto LSA

Corbi Air has developed a style and function package tailored to the owner-pilot, including wheel pants and upgraded leather upholstery. This version also sports a useful load of over 600 lbs. and offers a wide array of optional instrument panel/avionics configurations including such names as Dynon, Advanced Flight, and Garmin, company officials said.

Prices start at $97,500. Current orders will be delivered in the first quarter of 2011.

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