U-Fuel launches Sport Fuel Program

U-Fuel, a pioneer of self-service aviation fuel stations, has introduced the Sport Fuel program to expand the use of autogas in general aviation. An outgrowth of the company’s Aviation Fuel Club, the program assists airports, FBOs, flight schools, flying clubs and others searching for 91+ octane, ethanol-free autogas.

sport_fuel_logo Pilots buying fuel under the Sport Fuel brand can be assured that they are using high-quality ethanol-free fuel stored in aviation grade equipment, according to company officials, who note that 70%-80% of all legacy piston aircraft, and essentially 100% of new LSAs, operate well on fuel sold under the Sport Fuel brand.

Not only does the use of Sport Fuel lower the cost of flying, but it reduces lead emissions from GA aircraft, a major public relations issue at some airports, company officials add.

As a side benefit, Sport Fuel dealers could potentially sell significant quantities to others seeking ethanol-free fuel, for instance those who own boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, power tools, emergency power generators, farm equipment, etc.

U-Fuel Aviation Mini-StationAlong with the Sport Fuel program, U-Fuel has introduced a new line of affordable, pre-engineered self-service fuel stations available in capacities starting at 1,500 gallons and costing under $50,000.


  1. K DeJean says

    Good Luck,

    Although I probably won’t be able to use it, I think those that can use E0 should be able to use it if they want it. There are some flight schools I know that are starting to use LSAs and they get E0 for their aircraft (although, it’s kind of behind the hanger). Hopefully this will help legitimize the fuel for aviation. They should also figure out a way to place the stations near the airport fence, that way they can have a remote station on the outside of the fence to fuel up other vehicle. It’s a way to increase the fuel volumes. It also keeps them from the hassle of having to get it on the airport, which can be a problem now for the general public because of security.


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