Sonex begins accepting deposits for Onex

Sonex Aircraft is now accepting refundable deposits to reserve kit production slots for the Onex single-place, folding-wing, aerobatic sport aircraft.


Onex Airframe Kit deliveries are expected to begin by mid-year, with Tail Kit deliveries beginning much sooner, according to officials with the Oshkosh-based company.

The Onex has been a highly anticipated Sport Pilot-eligible airplane kit, as evidenced by the Onex mailing list membership growing to more than 1,300 subscribers, officials add.  On Tuesday, March 15, Onex mailing list subscribers were given advance notification of the availability of Onex Kit production slot reservations via a $500 deposit. The date and time of Onex deposit payment will be used to sequence customer orders.

OnexFoldedWing “Sonex Aircraft is excited to be taking deposits on this outstanding new aircraft,” said Sonex Aircraft CEO and General Manager Jeremy Monnett. “Many hundreds of hours have been invested in the design, engineering, testing and flying of the Onex. We feel the Onex has the potential to cut the already low operating costs of the Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos even further. It represents what we consider to be the lowest operational cost of any sport pilot aircraft.”

Estimated kit pricing is now available for the Onex, with a Complete Airframe Kit base price of $12,995. Onex kits will be offered in Complete Airframe Kits & Sub-Kits, and upgrades such as Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars and Machined Angle Component Kits will be offered to reduce building time, officials said. Additionally, the Onex design has a smaller parts count than other Sonex Aircraft designs, while using more CNC machined parts to be included as standard items in the basic, non-upgraded, kit to further reduce build time, officials add.

The Onex flight test schedule continues to make rapid progress, and the Hornets’ Nest Research and Development team at Sonex Aircraft is extremely pleased with the aircraft’s performance in every aspect, officials said. “The preliminary flight test evaluation has been extremely positive,” remarks Monnett. “A new flight video is available for download showing this activity. We’re having a lot of fun putting time on this little fighter!”

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