Aspen Avionics expands Evolution Flight Display functionality

Aspen Avionics has released of a series of enhancements that broaden the compatibility and expand the functionality of the Evolution Flight Display System. Aspen’s most recent product updates include:

  • Approval for the Evolution system to emulate the Collins PN 101 HSI system, providing lateral and vertical deviation, heading, and course datum inputs to compatible autopilots.
  • The Air Data Computer outputs from the Evolution system are now approved to provide the automatic pressure altitude reporting information to ATC radar beacon transponders that accept digital data formats.
  • The EFD1000 C3 Pro and EFD1000H PFD can now display traffic overlay information from compatible TAS and TCAS systems.
  • Larger fonts have been implemented for the airspeed and altitude bug, tape, and drum values, baro setting, selected heading, selected course, true airspeed, groundspeed, and outside air temperature.
  • To reduce pilot workload, the operator configured PFD traffic overlay settings are now retained after a flight display on/off power cycle.

“The evolving functionality and expanding interfaces that Aspen brings to market are key to creating ongoing value for our customers,” said Brad Hayden Vice President of Marketing. “Because the Aspen system is built to be compatible with other avionics equipment and is easily upgradeable when new features and functionality are introduced, the investment our customers make in glass panel technology is protected.”

Customers are encouraged to contact their Authorized Aspen Dealer to discuss the upgrade options available for their Evolution installation.

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