Flying High Coffee to fund Girls With Wings scholarships

Flying High Coffee, which gives 15% of profits back to aviation, has teamed up with Girls With Wings, to channel proceeds from sales of high-grade coffee directly to the annual scholarships offered by Girls With Wings. The award will provide funding for private pilot certificate flight training.

Girls With Wings, founded by Lynda Meeks, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization using women in aviation to inspire girls to achieve their full potential via an interactive presentation to girls’ groups. Additionally, website activities and inspirational stories of women involved in various fields of aviation help to motivate girls to pursue their own skyward adventures.

Rob Riggen, founder of Flying High Coffee, is a flight instructor and hopes one day his daughter too will take an interest in aviation. “Lynda’s scholarship programs are exactly the kind of thing I envisioned when I decided to make it my company’s mission to give back to aviation,” says Rob Riggen, who founded Flying High Coffee. Riggen’s 8-year-old daughter discovered Girls With Wings while shopping for a gift at EAA AirVenture few years ago. “Lynda signed her Penelope Pilot book for my daughter, Carly. After that I looked up her website and had a kind of ‘a-ha’ moment,” recalls Riggen.

Funding programs with coffee sales makes it simple for everyone to give back to aviation. Occasional coffee drinkers and addicts alike will enjoy the top-quality and extremely fresh coffee experience provided by Flying High Coffee. Along with the caffeine boost, customers will derive a good feeling in knowing their coffee choice has helped fund scholarship programs for youth.

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