Great Planes You Can Afford on digital bookstores now

Vernon Barr, a past writer for General Aviation News, has authored a new book for those looking for a plane and have a limited budget. “Great Planes You Can Afford to Buy and Fly,” is only available as a download from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Cost is $7.99 and will work on the Kindle or Nook.

Book description: “Great Planes acquaints the reader and general aviation enthusiast with those civilian aircraft built shortly after WWII and into the late 1960s. These airplanes can be purchased for the price of a new car. They are inexpensive to own and operate and many qualify under the FAAs new Sport Pilot – Light Sport Aircraft rules.

“The author gives a little history and often a pilot report on such great classic airplanes as the Aeronca, Piper Cub, Ercoupe, Luscombe, Cessna 120/140, Stinson Voyager, Cessna 150/152, Cessna 170, Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee 140, Taylorcraft, and Short Wing Pipers.

“There are chapters on mastering taildragger flight (landing) and the ever-important pre-buy inspection process.

“Great Planes is an easy and enjoyable armchair flight into the possibilities of aircraft ownership.”

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