USAG expands to midwest

Denton, TX – US Aviation Services is taking steps to become a national/regional factory authorized service center for the maintenance and repair of the majority of Light Sport Aircraft models. They already have Rotax and Jabiru qualified A&P’s on staff and factory authorizations from the majority of Light Sport aircraft manufacturers.

“We perform routine services, and have the capability to accept aircraft in Texas (Denton Airport) instead of returning them to the factory for major repairs. This will ultimately reduce insurance premiums due to lower repair costs for the industry. We have a broad knowledge of Light Sport repair and manufacturing and have great relationships with LSA manufacturers. This is critical to cost effective and legal maintenance for light sports,” said Scott Severen, Director of Business Development for US Aviation.

“Because of the way the ASTM Standards are written for LSAs, routine maintenance is a different issue than general aviation,” said Butch Johnson, Director of Maintenance. “The FAA requires that any replacement parts conform to original factory specs and there can be no substitutes without factory authorization. This means there must be a very close relationship between the maintenance facility and the factory to ensure that, in the event of an insurance claim or legal issue, the repairs and paperwork are all in order. It’s a technicality that is easily overlooked.”

For more information on LSA maintenance contact US Aviation Services at 866.383.2400 or visit


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