Maule Air celebrates 50 years

Maule Air is celebrating 50 years of FAA Type Certification this year by reintroducing the Maule that started it all: The M-4.

The new M-4-180V Jetasen II is a two-place, side-by-side STOL performance aircraft that allows you to get back to the fun of pure flying, while offering the latest avionics and glass panel displays, according to company officials, who note the 2011 M-4-180V Jetasen II has a full-size baggage door with a 200 lbs. baggage capacity and 900+ lbs. useful load.

The 180-hp airplane is offered at $158,900 with a fixed pitch prop, or $168,900 with a constant speed prop.

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  1. Paul Peterson says

    Maule has a Facebook page, and you will find a recent post there with a link for the spec
    sheet on this new 2011 M4.

  2. Paul Peterson says

    I’d like to see more information. This is the first news I’ve heard about this new M-4 version. I like the two-place seating and payload.

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