Vaughn College partners with Redbird

Vaughn College and Redbird Flight Simulations are working together to develop a flight training program using Redbird’s Skyport flight training facility and simulation development laboratory opening this November at the San Marcos Municipal Airport in Texas.

The FAA Part 141 program is designed to improve student pilot proficiency and safety while increasing student retention and graduation rates in an accelerated simulator-centric program that accurately predicts time-to-completion and expense, company officials said.

Vaughn’s president, Dr. John Fitzpatrick, said, “We searched for the most innovative and effective flight training program and found it with Redbird Flight Simulations. We are confident that, using this innovative approach, we can graduate Vaughn students that are highly skilled, competent, safe pilots at a cost and within timelines that represent a real value to our students and their families.”

Jerry Gregoire and John Fitzpatrick (Vaughn College)

Jerry Gregoire and John Fitzpatrick

Jerry Gregoire, founder and chairman of Redbird Flight Simulations, added, “Our simulator-centric flight training curriculum is a revolution in the way ab-initio flight training is conducted and a safe and controlled environment for students to reach their goals. The Vaughn College and Redbird Skyport is a great partnership for exploring and refining the next generation of flight training curriculums and systems. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Vaughn College.”

Vaughn College and the Redbird Skyport have scheduled the first class of student pilots for the upcoming spring semester.

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