Aerodrome used for making ‘Wings’ documentary

Producer/Director Tim King of Raleigh Studios, Manhattan Beach, Calif., recently arrived at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in New York to film a documentary about the making of the 1927 film “Wings.”

This was a silent film about World War I fighter pilots staring Clara Bow, Charles (Buddy) Rogers and Richard Arlen. Gary Cooper also appeared in this movie, which launched his film career. “Wings” was the first and only silent film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture and a second Academy Award for Engineering Effects.

Steve Lopresti SPAD VII

Tim King and his video crew prepare Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome staffer Steve Lopresti for a scene with the aerodrome’s 1916 SPAD VII replica.

“The film is a legendary example of aerial combat cinematography that I intend to use to illustrate just how difficult it was for the filmmakers in 1927 to capture the images they had,” said King.

The aerodrome setting plus antique airplanes and replicas of World War I fighter airplanes provide authenticity to the production, officials note. Air to air, ground to air and dogfight techniques were captured on Oct. 5 as the video production continues.

“Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome is also providing show pilots and ground show actors and actresses in period costume,” said Neill Herman, the aerodrome’s air show director.

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