RANS S-19 meets FAA’s 51% rule

The RANS S-19 Venterra has met the FAA’s 51% rule and will join the list of approved kits.

“We set the standard to what a complete kit means,” said RANS President Randy Schlitter. “Making the 51% rule has been a welcome milestone for our builders.”

The Venterra is provided in either seven partial kits, or one complete kit, offering builders many start up options, he noted.

The process to making the 51% list involved a two-day inspection by an FAA team specific to the task, Schlitter noted. “This is the new process, and it is much more comprehensive, and a move in the right direction,” he said. “Kit plane manufactures need this attention to detail that FAA is willing to offer, and it brings more validity to process for everyone.”

The Venterra is an all-metal, low-wing, designed to fit in both the sport plane category and amateur built experimental. CNC machining is used throughout to create a very precise and easy-to-assemble kit, Schlitter said.

More than 40 Venterras are flying, with many more in construction, he added. The plane features: Sliding canopy, fuel tanks in the wings, large baggage compartment, adjustable seats, roll over protection, dual control sticks, and much more. Build times have ranged from 1,000 hours to 1,500 hours.

“The S-19 Venterra is our first full sheet metal plane, built entirely on CNC machines, and we are proud to have made the 51% rule,” said Schlitter. “Again thanks to the FAA team for making the process smooth, well thought out, and a distinction well worth earning.”

For more information: RANS.com

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