Congress is listening… at least one member is

Congressman Todd Rokita (Indiana) is a commercially-rated pilot who shares my concern with regulatory bloat and responded to my editorial “Have you put on some weight?

I recently read your editorial in General Aviation News titled “Have you put on a few pounds?” As both a commercially rated private pilot and as a member of Congress I share your concern with the regulatory bloat of the federal government.

I launched my Red Tape Rollback initiative to do, on a broad scale, what you are doing with the aviation industry. I too am seeking out unnecessary and overly burdensome regulations and then working to roll them back. I have enclosed a document with a little more information on this initiative for your review.

I would appreciate you sharing with my Legislative Counsel, Megan Savage, any regulations that are submitted to you. Megan can be reached at 202-225-5037.

Thanks for what you’re doing to better the regulatory environment for aviation. I hope that we can work together on this important initiative.


Todd Rokita
Member of Congress

So, if you have examples of regulatory bloat, let Megan Savage in Rep. Rokita’s office know and copy me and your Congressional representatives.

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