Booklet on Tip Tanks now available

Now available is “TIP TANKS: Design and Fabrication For Designers and Homebuilders.”

The publication contains tip tank plans for homebuilders and designers. It includes full size templates and step-by-step photos in color.

The plans include an EXCEL spreadsheet that can be re-calculated to fit aircraft/pilot specific fuel needs for increased range. Using custom arc airfoils as the basis for fixed control lines, resulting compound tank surfaces are easy to shape, avoiding the usual flat spots. The featured prototype tank holds 13+ gallons, is 72 inches long, and has an 13×8 inch elliptical cross section.

The coil bound book is in legal size and has 42 pages in total. Eleven tank template sheets are in full scale. Nine color pages provide information definition and acrylic protective covers are shop friendly. The full size templates are copyright free for design adaptation.

Author Michael C. Myal is a pilot, an engineer and homebuilder.

Price: $24.95

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