Pilot publishes new novel

Now available is a new novel written by a pilot called “Flight 243 Is Down.”

The novel revolves around the crash of Consolidated Airlines flight 243, which appears to be a classic case of pilot error. Investigative reporter Dirk Johnston is at the airport covering an unrelated story and witnesses the crash.

Using his journalistic skills, he develops a group of informational sources that leads him to a mysterious group of men known as The Investors. Through painstaking research, he discovers that these men control every facet of Consolidated Airline’s operations, and may be directly linked to the cause of the crash.

As his investigation unfolds, he realizes that this story will be the most rewarding piece of journalism he has ever created. Unfortunately he underestimates the resolve of The Investors to ensure that his story never sees the light of day.

The book was written by Captain Wayne A. Mann, a 30-year veteran of the commercial airline industry. He has extensive experience in developing and administering training methodologies for airline pilots. In his first novel he takes the reader behind the scenes of many facets of the airline industry as it exists today. He lives in Culpeper, Va., and Chicago.

For more information: Wayne Mann, PO Box 192, Culpeper, Va., 22701. The price is $15 plus $5 for shipping. Flight243IsDown@gmail.com.

Flight 243 Is Down also is available for $6.99 on Kindle at Amazon.com

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