Becker Avionics debuts new digital audio control panel

Becker Avionics has unveiled the new fixed wing digital audio panel for its Digital Audio and Intercom System DVCS6100.

The new panel variant of the Audio Control Unit (ACU) 6100 is specifically tailored for fixed-wing applications. The new fixed-wing ACU6100 will come in a horizontal and vertical format to ease retrofit installations, according to company officials. The new fixed-wing audio control panel is similar to the standard ACU6100, but includes oxygen mic switching, marker beacon mute and other functions. The panel will be available in a number of different lighting options, from soft white light to NVG compatible lighting. The ACU6100 is a pushbutton audio selector panel that controls all audio and intercom functionality for the systems Remote Electronic Unit (REU) 6100 via a dual CAN-Bus connection.

The DVCS6100 integrates all communications in the aircraft and provides flexible user-programmable configurations. The system offers the ability to manage and control multiple audio sources and cabin passenger positions. The DVCS6100 manages all transceivers, receivers and audio warning sources in one central system. It provides interphone communication for up to 6 audio control stations to meet crewmember needs. The system can handle up to 8 transceivers, 8 receivers, 6 fixed inputs and 8 warning tones.

The Becker Avionics’ DVCS 6100 also provides an optional Cabin Intercommunication and Passenger Address system, consisting of the Control Panel CP3100, External Jack Box EB3100, Intercom Amplifier IC3100, Public Address Amplifier PA3100, Converter Box CB 3100, Service Station ST3100, and Digital Player DP 4100. The DVCS6100 easily integrates all communications in the aircraft and provides flexible user-programmable configurations.

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