TUS crosswind runway reopens

Tucson International Airport’s (TUS) crosswind Runway 3-21 has reopened after being closed since October for resurfacing. This secondary runway is used mainly by GA aircraft when the wind is blowing perpendicular to the orientation of the main runway.

The $8.6 million project, funded by federal and state grants, included removal and replacement of the top 3 inches of asphaltic concrete, as well as restriping, drainage improvements and adjustments to edge lighting and lighted signage.

The Tucson firm of Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. provided design and construction administration services for the project. Granite Construction Company was the contractor.

Work will continue through the end of the year at the airport to complete the reconstruction of portions of several taxiways, the air freight entrance and U.S. Customs apron.

For more information: TucsonAirport.org


  1. Stotes says

    The recognized identifier for Tucson International is KTUS, I’ve never heard of TIA. Thanks for the information on this runway, it was helpful to know this.

    Pilot Mark, Phoenix AZ

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