Clean and shine in one step

Clean, shine and protect your plane in one-step with the new Eagle One Nano Wax As-U-Wash.

Eagle One’s use of nanotechnology goes to work with nano-sized carnauba wax particles that condition and penetrate, restoring luster and shine while leaving behind a layer of wax protection, according to company officials. Element Shield adds a layer of surface protection against harsh elements with every wash.

Detergents wash away dirt and grime and make bug and bird mess easier to remove with each use, company officials said, who added it also repels water to reduce spots and protects against heat and UV-rays. It is safe for all surfaces.

Nano Wax As-U-Wash will be available at leading national auto parts retailers in March. The suggested retail price is $7.49 for a 64 oz. bottle.

For more information: or 800-432-4531.


  1. Anonymous says

    I have used eagleOne   Wax as You Dry, and Nano wax for years, and find they are great products.  I expect  Wax as you wash to also be great  

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